Hi All,

On August 9th, I and my 2 year-old daughter, Sophia, will be “locked up” for the Muscular Dystrophy Association on behalf of Calapooia Brewing Co.  This cause is pretty personal to me, as I had a good friend in high school who died of the disease (he was the only reason in the world I would admit in public to attending (and enjoying!) a Star Trek convention!)

They won’t let us out until we raise $1200 bail… and those of you with children or grandkids know how fun it will be to be locked in a cage with a girl whose favorite word is “NOOOOO!” (at 260 decibels)

So please join me in helping send 2 (or more!) of “Jerry’s Kids” to summer camp.  Or you can just come down to Wyatt’s at 10:00am on the 9th and poke me with a stick through the bars.

Please visit this website to donate online.  I have receipts available for tax purposes. 

Thank You for your kindness and support!


Laura B.
Calapooia Brewing Co.