Just some updates to keep our loyal surfers up-to-date:

“Talk Like a Pirate” Party at the ‘Pooia

“Talk like a Pirate” day is on the horizon (September 19th). Calapooia Brewing Co. is hosting a post-party on Friday, the 22nd. Starting at 7:00 PM, party with Cap’n Slappy, Ol’ Chumbucket, and Mad Sally at the ‘Pooia in your pirate costume and score some booty (that’s treasure to you land-lubbers!) for best costume. Grog, wenches, and treasure… don’t miss it!

New Beers:

We have a new guest tap: Lagunitas Imperial Red!

Calapooia Keg Sighting and Good Press:

It’s been confirmed. Venti’s Cafe in Salem is pouring Calapooia Brewing Company’s Yankee Clipper IPA at their Japanese Cafe in Salem. We also got some good press from the Statesman Journal Online Blog. Thanks to Venti’s for putting us on tap, and thanks to Dan and Tim for the good press!

Currently Available Kegs:

We have Yankee Clipper IPA, Whitewater Wheat, SantiAmber, and Somethin’ Lite available for sale from the brewpub. Call or email to reserve your keg now for your weekend party or Beaver game days! Nothing says “TAILGATER” like a keg from Calapooia!


As always, the Bush Pilots had a great show at the pub on the 9th. Lots of great energy and fun music. They are returning in October, so if you missed them last Saturday, you’ll get another chance to enjoy this brilliant 3-man band. Check the Music page for dates.

Music around the bend:

  • Old Time Jam w/ Wild Hog in the Woods (9/14)
  • Steve Cheseborough (9/16) Don’t miss this guy! A perfect voice for a unique collection of old time blues.
  • Bon Ton Roulet (9/21)
  • And don’t forget the weekly Sunday Blues Jam, which has been bringing musicians from as far away as Eugene!

Big shows down river:
Terry Robb (10/28) and Adam Scramstad (11/11)

-Laura & Mark