Just some updates to keep our loyal surfers up-to-date:

Courtyard is Open for Bid’ness

Just in time for these beautiful, crisp fall afternoons, when shadows are long and everything has a warm, orangey-red hue…. You can smell the change of the season in the air, and although it is a harbinger of the long dark winter to come, it invigorates you – mind and body – nonetheless. The gentle wisps of breeze carry the promise of football, costume parties, family gatherings, and comfort food of every type and flavor. This is the time to grab life by the horns and wrastle it to the ground!

Spend some quality time with your friends and family in our newly opened and refurbished covered courtyard. Twinkling lights, candles, beautiful fall foliage, and the best beer and camaraderie in the Willamette Valley… drink it all in!

New Beers:

Highlander Scotch Ale is back on tap at the ‘Pooia. Thor’s Hammer is due to be released in October.

The Calapooia Manly-Men journeyed to McKay Farms last week and picked up fresh hops. Within hours, those succulent little flavor bombs were a-boilin’ and a-brewin’ to make our Fresh Hop Rye Ale. A treat enjoyed only once yearly, this excellent representative of Oregon fresh-hop beers should be ready for mass consumption in October.

Calapooia Keg Sighting

You can now find Calapooia beer (Riverdog ESB) on tap at Big River restaurant in Corvallis! You can also find ‘Pooia kegs at these locations.

Currently Available Kegs:

We have Yankee Clipper IPA, Whitewater Wheat, SantiAmber, and Somethin’ Lite available for sale from the brewpub. Call or email to reserve your keg now for your weekend party or Beaver game days! We also have 1/2 gallon jugs of all our beers available at any time, for any reason. Don’t go to that tailgater empty-handed! Be a friend and bring a “growler” of the finest ales hand-crafted in the Willamette Valley!


Having to compete with a Beaver home game is never too easy, but Two Easy had a great show at the pub on Saturday (9/23). They have a very unique sound… a richness that is often hard to attain with a duo. Their repertoire includes classics by Neil Young and Bob Dylan. (They got my vote as soon as I heard the first 3 notes of “Harvest Moon.”) If you missed them, look for them to return to the ‘Pooia, or seek them out in the Eugene area. Check the Music page for dates.

Music around the bend:

  • Old Time Jam w/ Wild Hog in the Woods (9/28)
  • Gumbo (9/30) Southern Acoustic
  • And don’t forget the weekly Sunday Blues Jam, which has been bringing musicians from as far away as Eugene!

Big shows down river:
Terry Robb (10/28) and Adam Scramstad (11/11)

And don’t forget to get your Calapooia Brewing Co. T-Shirt!

-Laura & Mark