Just some updates to keep our loyal surfers up-to-date:

Runway Sunday: Unleash the Model Within

Tuesdays and Wednesdays have, for too long now, cornered the market on drink specials at the Calapooia pub. Well, no more! Model your daring and dashing Calapooia Brewing Co. T-Shirt on Sundays, and our daring and dashing Trishalicious will give you $0.50 off your pints.

Wow! Now you can actually write “Professional Model” on your resume!

Calapooia Brewing Co. Sponsors Willamette Open 8

The Willamette Open, which is the last event of the 2006 Oregon Series, had a little help from some beer-brewing friends when the ‘Pooia signed on to sponsor the 2-day tournament. Disc golf and breweries have long had a close association, and the fact that this extremely popular event was attended by 150 disc-golfers from several states was great. What made it super cool was that each one of them received a limited edition Calapooia Brewing Co.-stamped disc in their players’ packs. If you like to huk discs, we have a few for sale at the pub.

Bartenders, movin’ on up!

The newest addition to our little beer family is Amy. She helped us out big-time while Trishalicious was par-taying back east, and she has now taken over Tuesdays. Welcome aboard!

Congratulations to our own Thursday Beer Goddess Vanessa for passing her massage therapy exams. She will soon open her own practice right here in Albany in the Albany Massage Center. Thankfully, she will continue to sling beers to appreciative customers in the Pub on Thursdays, and will begin wo-manning the pub on Mondays starting October 23. Yay, Vanessa!

Hey, Nice Segue!

Calapooia Brewing Co. will be open on Mondays starting on October 23. One more glorious day to imbibe the best beers in the Willamette Valley (or at least Linn County)!

Holy Cow… Nice Rack (of Segues)!

Calapooia Brewing Co. received top honors as the “Top Brewpub in Linn County,” according to the GT/DH Entertainer (Sept. 29). We’ll just pretend there are like, 10 others we were competing against. Wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

Calapooia Keg Sighting

You can now find Calapooia beer (SantiAmber) on tap at the downtown American Dream/Crow Bar in Corvallis! You can also find ‘Pooia kegs at these locations.

Currently Available Kegs:

We have Yankee Clipper IPA, Big Aft Pale, and Somethin’ Lite available for sale from the brewpub. Call or email to reserve your keg now for your weekend party or Beaver game days!

We also have 1/2 gallon jugs of all our beers available at any time, for any reason. Don’t go to that tailgater empty-handed! Be a friend and bring a “growler” of the finest ales hand-crafted in the Willamette Valley!


Check the Music page for events and dates.

Music around the bend:

  • Old Time Jam w/ Wild Hog in the Woods (10/12)
  • Aric Riley (10/14) Acoustic Blues, with Katey Angel
  • And don’t forget the weekly Sunday Blues Jam, which has been bringing musicians from as far away as Eugene!

Big shows down river:
Terry Robb (10/28) and Adam Scramstad (11/11)

-Laura & Mark