Just some updates to keep our loyal surfers up-to-date:

‘Pooia Promo at Suds on November 15th

Clear your calendar for Wednesday, Nov. 15th! The Calapooia Brewing Co. is participating in its first promo event at Suds & Suds bar in Corvallis, OR. Mark and Laura both have long-time connections with this place, and they have been great supporters of us, so we know this is gonna be a big ‘un! Plus, the ENTIRE ‘Pooia Brew Crew will be there, helping to give out great prizes and introduce new friends to the best beer in the Valley. Be there, 6-9pm, to meet Mark & Laura, Nick & Julie, Putz, Trisha, Vanessa, Colin, and Amy, and to score some great t-shirts, gift certificates, and more!

(Hey, didja know that we now have 10 different colors of shirts and 3 different styles? Come check ’em out in the pub, if you don’t win one at Suds!)

New Music on November 18th

A brand new band, or should we say a Grand new band is playing the ‘Pooia Saturday night, November 18th. The Grand St. Band makes its debut at 7:00.


Be there, or risk missing out on the hottest new thang!

Other Cool Things to Watch For

Join us to watch the Beavs whoop up on – I mean – Join us to watch the oldest rivalry in the nation! We will be showing the Civil War on our new TVs (Comcast cable gods willing). We’re even going to open the pub early (at 12:00) to get the party started. Whether you wear Orange & Black or Green & Gold, you’re welcome here!

We have set a date for the grand opening of our kitchen – January 1st, 2007. Yeah, it’s a National Holiday! You get the day off, just to try our fantastic food! Choose from juicy, hand-patted 1/4 lb. burgers, dripping with cheese or loaded with bacon or stuffed with spicy jalapenos, or for the less carnivorous, Sun Burgers made by our friends at Nearly Normals, or for those in between – chicken and salmon burgers – grilled to perfection and smelling oh soooo good *ZAP!* (oops, excuse me, I just drooled into my keyboard) *ZAP!* (Ouch!) 😉

And one last thing for this post, gentle readers. The PDX Brewers Club in Beaverton is having their first homebrew competition on December 9th. Calapooia Brewing Co. will be donating some great prizes for the winners of this inaugural festival. Check these guys out!