Just some updates to keep our loyal surfers up-to-date:

We have Clearance, Clarence!

So, after a month of scurrying around like shrews on a Jolt Cola binge, we have the target date for opening our kitchen in sight. We had originally planned on January 1st for our first day…. Some naysayers said that was a little too aggressive… I say it was perfect, because that leaves 4 whole days of wiggle room for our real opening date of January 4th… or 5th. And to truly top off our first weekend with real food, we have an old favorite returning to the Pub – Scotland Barr and the Slow Drags!


(That’s the laugh of an evil genius who knows nothing ever happens on time, but if you push for an unrealistic date, you still end up with what you want within that week) Mwwaaaaaa-haaaaa-haaaaaa!

“My Girl wants to Party all the time…”

We have some holiday parties coming up, so if you have absolutely nothing else to do on December 23rd, come on down to the ‘Pooia and enjoy some potluck and an ornament exchange. Bring a tasty dish (and the $0.49 bargain-bin ornament your Great-Aunt Bertie gave you!) if you like!

We will also, out of the kindness of our own bleeding hearts, open the ‘Pooia up to the poor souls (like us and our friends!) who have no where to go on New Years Eve. On this special day, we will keep the pub open until 12:30 and serve the bubbly. Procuring a New Years Kiss… now that’s up to you!

So, to review – Be at the ‘Pooia December 23rd at 5:00 for a potluck and ornament exchange, and return for the New Years Countdown on December 31st. Come on! Where else would you want to be to ring in the New Year?

“Mister, the feller in there will pay ya 5 dollars to sing into a can”

Well, OK, we didn’t get paid, and we didn’t sing (you should thank us now!) but we did just wrap up our first radio advertisement. Listen for it starting January 1st on KSHO and KGAL in Albany.

Cheers! (And Happy Holidays!)