Just some updates to keep our loyal surfers up-to-date:

The ‘Pooia Pantry is Open for Bid’ness!

Our kitchen officially opened for business on January 5th. We served fantastic burgers, salads, sandwiches, and chili to around 40 patrons during our first lunch ever. We got some rave reviews from our customers and the band that wowed us Saturday night, Scotland Barr and the Slow Drags!

“Just wanted to thank you for the opportunity to play at your place
……as usual the crowd was great and the food unusually great.
Congratulations on what looks like a fantastic success!!!!”
– Scotland Barr

“Hey y’all,
We had a blast on Saturday, and the food was great! Thanks from Scotland Barr and the Slow Drags.”
– Bryan

When asked for constructive criticism after a group of 14 people from a local organization descended upon us like starving vultures at a wildebeest smorgasbord after being open for all of 5 minutes:

“The only ‘constructive criticism’ is that (name deleted to protect the goofy) said the bun was too fresh.”
– Miki

I said, “Alrighty then… next time we’ll serve it green.” 😉

To help support the new kitchen and expanded hours, we have nearly tripled our staff! So when you see one of our newbie Brew Crew members, be nice to them!

Check out our menu to see our great offerings (we have a Squirrel Burger [no, not the twitchy rodentia sciuridae!] and the best, most unique Jalapeno burger around!) and prices. We now open at 11:30 Tuesday – Saturday, so come in and fill up on the juiciest, most delicious hamburgers in Albany!

Good Press from Pacific Brew News

Rick Sellers has written up a great article on Calapooia Brewing in Pacific Brew News. I spoke with Mark last night and he said catching up with Rick was a lot of fun and it was great to show him around. Now Rick has to make a return visit to try out the new food menu!

Thanks for the kind words Rick!

Opportunities for Beer Drinking Abound!

As if you didn’t have any other reason to drink good beer… Calapooia Brewing Co. will be partnering with the Albany Rotary to host the Annual Crab Feed again this year. It takes place on February 10th, includes massive amounts of freshly-caught Oregon crab (along with a whole buffet-full of other goodies) and great local, live music. Tickets are selling for $25 dollars. The proceeds go towards charity efforts both at home and abroad.

On that same weekend, Calapooia Brewing Co. will be representing the Mid-Willamette Valley at the KLCC Brew Fest in Eugene. That event takes place on February 9th and 10th. We will be serving our fantastically well-rounded and wildly-popular Riverdog ESB and our completely unique Chili Beer. If you happen to be in Eugene, and want to drink the best beer in the Willamette Valley, stop on by!

Radio Spot Goes Unheard by Anticipating Owners!

If only my car had an antenna… since it doesn’t, I can only hear radio stations that happen to be broadcasting from the top of my Subaru. To make a long story short, (too late!) we never got to hear our first radio advertisement play on the radio. To mend our broken hearts, we have linked the mp3 so anyone else suffering from the same disappointment can salve their wounds!

Calapooia Brewing Radio Spot

‘Cause We Just Have Too Much Money

HAH!! Just kidding! But we are sponsoring this year’s Festivus 6th Annual Disc Golf Tournament. This one-day tourney will be held on January 27th at Adair Park in Adair Village. Back in 2001, this was my first disc golf tournament, and what an intro it was… rain, wind, and snow! Looks to be no different this year… but now I have an excuse not to play (thanks to our ‘Pooia Pee-Wee!). For those brave souls who want to brave the wind and muck check out the Willamette Disc Golf Club site. If you play, you’ll get an exclusive Calapooia Brewing Co. disc golf towel and donated Calapooia Beer!

Oh yeah… if you are in need of some cool discs to play in the Festivus, we have some for sale at the pub. They are stamped with our logo and are left over from our sponsorship of the Willamette Open. ‘Cause we just had too much money then, too. 😉

Cheers! And Happy Festivus!