Just some updates to keep our loyal surfers up-to-date:

Attack of the Killer Crustaceans from Outer Space!

Well, OK, the crustaceans are fresh Oregon Dungeness crabs – lots and lots of them – and they’re boiled and dipped in butter and garlic and you can munch on their delicate, succulent flesh while listening to great music and drinking the best hand-crafted beer in the Mid-Willamette Valley and contributing to noble causes that provide dictionaries to schools in Linn County and scholarships to high-school students. All for the bargain price of $25 per ticket. Plus you are automatically entered to win fantastic prizes.

You can buy tickets to the 7th Annual Rotary Crab Fest, held on February 10th starting at 3:00, at your friendly, neighborhood Brewery (that would be us.)

But the headline got you reading, right?

UPDATE: Got pics from the Crab Fest you’d like to share? Check out this previous post with instructions on posting pics. Thanks! -dc, webmaster

Do You Suffer from Wild Hog Fever?

Do you throw your shoes into the clothes dryer, just to get a funky beat? Do you suddenly blurt out words to songs in elevators, hoping to start a sing-along? Have you sneaked into your neighbor’s yard to twang their clothesline, or scratch your fingernails along corrugated metal, rejoicing at the sounds it makes? You, my friend, have WILD HOG FEVER! While there is no cure, there is hope. Bring anything musical (guitar, bass, accordion, washboard, tub bass, kazoo, hammer dulcimer, saxophone, ANYTHING!) down to the ‘Pooia every Thursday night (except the 3rd Thursday of the month) at 7:00 and get group therapy with the boys of Wild Hog in the Woods. The Hogs are licensed in the art of Blue Grass and are clinically proven to help relieve the itch of pent-up boogie-woogie.

Wild Hog Jam

Stay strong!

Mark & Laura Perform Their First Brew Fest Operation!

The KLCC Brew Fest is being held at the Exhibit Hall of the Lane Events Center in Eugene on February 9th and 10th. Laura will (wo)man the booth on Friday, while Mark takes over on Saturday. Assistant Brewer Colin will keep us company on both days. The Fest runs from 5-11pm on Friday and Saturday. Come see us, and vote for the People’s Choice beer. In years past, the Chili Beer has won, so we are bringing it and our new Riverdog ESB to wow the webfoots (webfeet?) in Ducktown. Plus, you’ll be supporting KLCC public radio – oh yeah, and you’ll get to try great beer from a myriad of other micorbreweries in Oregon blah blah blah…. 😉

‘Pooia Grub Cures Hunger!

I heard it with my own ears:

“This is the best burger in Albany!”

Spoken by a satisfied Public Figure about the ‘Pooia’s Class V burger!

And from Al Rivers, one of the artists who graced us with his music in January:

“Hi Laura, I had a good time last night. Best beer & nachos ever…NO KIDDIN’!… and nice folks.”

Well, thanks to everyone who has helped make our kitchen a success! We love grilling up the best food to go with the best beer… it’s a natural!

– Laura & Mark

Brewing the finest microbrews in Oregon & the Willamette Valley!