‘Pooia Gains a Modicum of Respectability!

In our continued efforts to make the Calapooia Brewing Co. a respectable establishment (instead of the den of iniquity it currently is – yeah, right!) we are now permitted by the OLCC to allow minors on the premises during lunch hours (11:30am-3:00pm) Tuesday through Saturday. They are permitted on site only for the purpose of eating, and are not allowed to engage in any recreation (like darts or music). BUT, for those of you discerning beer quaffers (like us) who would like to eat a burger, sip a great beer, AND enjoy the company of your family, well, come on down and bring the Fam!

Out of the Ordinary: Music on Fat Tuesday!

Please join us to ring in Lent! (wait, that doesn’t quite sound right). Anyway, celebrate Fat Tuesday with the Brew Crew and Bon Ton Roulet on Tuesday the 20th, Fat Tuesday. If you observe Lent, what better way to “live-it-up” before 40 days of restraint than to suck down the best brews in the Valley and munch on juicy, thick hamburgers and crisp tater tots? 😉

Get it while it’s hot! Shipwreck Imperial IPA

Calapooia’s first Imperial IPA is getting rave reviews! At 8.2%, it is not to be trifled with, what with nearly double the malt of our famous Yankee Clipper IPA and 20 pounds of simcoe hops (that works out to about 3.3 pounds of hops per barrel). Great Job Brewmaster Mark!

Suds & Suds Promo part Deux, March 15th

Our first promo at Suds & Suds in Corvallis was such a hit, we’re returning to the scene of the crime on March 15th to do it again. Join us from 6-9 pm for a great sampling of our fantastic craft brews and tons of give-aways. Last November, we gave away 20 shirts and serious cash in gift certificates! Don’t miss it!

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