Just a Quick Reminder – Smokin’ B’s BBQ will begin their summer run of smoking up succulent, mouth-water cuts of pork & chicken on Tuesday, April 17th (Yeah, that’s today!)

Every Tuesday during the summer, Brandon (“Smokin’ B”) will serve up his barbeque from 5 – 8pm. Heather, (who makes the nummiest little corn-bread muffins EV-AH) will be offering 6 different side dishes, of which you can choose 3.

Baby-Back Ribs: $11.50
Chicken: $10
Pulled Pork or Chicken Sandwich: $8

If you’d like to torture yourself, (or “whet your appetite”) you can come down to the ‘Pooia District around 10am on BBQ days, just to enjoy the scintillating aroma of smoked meat saturating the entire neighborhood. 🙂