Hey Y’all! Sorry about the cavernous gap in web updates… let’s just call it a summer-time slump!

So what’s up, what’s going on, what’s shakin’?

Well for starters, we are very excited to have Corvallis trio Walk the Plank as our live musical guests on Saturday August 11th. We caught them at Sahalie last month, and it was an amazing show! They should take the corner (we don’t have a stage!) at around 8pm. There’s no cover charge, so there’s no excuse not to check out this show!

What else? Oh yeah, we took 12 kegs of our Yankee Clipper IPA up to P-Town for the 2007 Oregon Brewers Festival. If you managed to catch Mark & Laura hamming-it-up for OPB or the Channel 2 (KATU) news, please let us know how it looked – we missed it!

And we made a very wise, very strategic decision to hire a full-time bar manager. Paul Huppert (that’s pronounced “hoop-aire”) will be coming on board Mid-August to help us guide the ‘Pooia towards the next stage in its metamorphosis. He comes to us from Iovino’s in Corvallis and will be a talented and enthusiastic addition to our Brew Crew.

Speaking of Mid-August, the ‘Pooia will be closed on Monday, August 20th so that we can gather our crew together for our company party. We will re-open at 11:30 on Tuesday the 21st.

Oops, and one more big change… due to increased pub business, we are limiting the times and days that we sell kegs and fill corny kegs. Starting September 4th, kegs will now be sold at the side door (Water Ave. door) during these times ONLY:

  • Tuesday 4-6pm
  • Friday 4-6pm
  • Saturday 10-noon

We also are limiting the times that we will fill cornies. Starting on the 4th, we will no longer fill cornies between the hours of 11:30 and 2pm or between 5-7pm on any day. If you’ve ever been thirsty, sitting at our bar after a long-day’s work, waiting while one of our beer goddesses helps to fill out an OLCC app and rolls out a 160 pound keg on a squeaky hand truck, you’ll immediately understand (and appreciate!) why we’re making these changes! We apologize for any inconvenience….

Later, Taters!

– L & M

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