Just an update to keep our loyal surfers in the know

Third and Final Nagging…

A reminder about our new times and days for selling kegs and cornies out the door. Starting September 4th, we will be limiting the sale of these items so they don’t interfere with providing our golden (and red, and black, and amber) ambrosia to our other good-natured, beer-fearing folk. The new times:

  • Tuesday 4-6pm
  • Friday 4-6pm
  • Saturday 10-noon

We also are limiting the times that we will fill cornies. Starting on the 4th, we will no longer fill cornies between the hours of 11:30 and 2pm or between 5-7pm on any day. Please come in to have them filled before or after those times.

Pirate’s Plunder Release Party

On Thursday, September 6th, Calapooia Brewing Co. is proud to release Pirate’s Plunder Pale Ale. This brew, conconcted by Mare and Doug Goeger, won Best of Show at the 2007 Oregon Homebrew and Microbrew Festival in Corvallis. We were honored when they asked for our help and use of facilities to help bring this award-winning beer to the masses (well, ok, we only have a 6 barrel system, but you get the point). Mare, Doug, Mark, and Colin brewed Pirate’s Plunder together in July, and it is now ready to wow the world. Join us at 4:30 for the release of this well-rounded, refreshing Pale Ale… stay for the Beaver game on our big screen, and the return of the Wild Hogs, starting at 7:30. (Dang, and I alread used my menage a troi joke in the last post!)

Music Lineup Changes

Just an FYI that on September 8th, a new band will be gracing the corner at the ‘Pooia. The Conjugal Visitors will start at around 8. Come support our new, local music!

Avast Ye Scallywags! Talk Like a Pirate Day Returns!

Cap’n Slappy, Ol’ Chumbucket, and Mad Sally will be bringing their world-wide phenomenon back to their home turf in Albany on September 29th. Join these scurvy dogs at the ‘Pooia (in yer best eye patches and peg legs) for a refined evening of “Avast ye Mateys” and “Scrub the poop deck, you scurvy bilge-rats!” And all ye landlubbers gets to Walk the Plank at the end, as local super-trio Walk the Plank returns to the Calapooia that evening starting at around 8:00. Yarrrr! Start practicing your pirate talk now! Or it’s Davy Jones’ Locker for ye!

(OK, I’m done… fer now!)

Finally! Expanded Hours!

  • Starting Sunday, September 9th, the ‘Pooia will be open at 10:00 am on Sundays for the entire football season.
  • Starting Sunday, September 9th, the ‘Pooia Kitchen will be open all day (no closing between lunch and dinner).
  • Starting Sunday, September 9th, the ‘Pooia will close at 10pm Sunday-Wednesday. The kitchen will close at 9pm.
  • Starting Monday, September 10th, the ‘Pooia will be open at 11:30 am Monday-Saturday for lunch.
  • Starting Thursday, September 13th, the ‘Pooia will close at 12:30 am Thursday-Saturday. The kitchen will close at 11:00pm.

We will also be expanding our menu soon, so watch for more choices of Albany’s best burgers and sandwiches!

– L & M

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