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Upcoming Events You Don’t Want to Miss!

Saturday, September 29th – Talk Like a Pirate Party with Walk the Plank

Come join the ‘Pooia Crew as we welcome Cap’n Slappy for our official “Talk Like a Pirate Day” celebration. Everyone is encouraged to dress up and try out your pirate lingo while listening to one of the hottest bands in the Willamette Valley, Walk the Plank, electric jazz trio. Better get here early to get a seat – it should be a raucous, wenching, pillaging, scurvy-dog crowd, arrrgh!

Saturday, October 13th – Willamette Open Disc Golf Tournament with The South Town Hounds – $2 Cover Charge

The entire weekend will be filled with disc-huckers from around the country, as the 2007 Oregon Series (sponsored by Calapooia Brewing Co.) ends with this huge 3-park, 3-city tournament. Saturday night, we are collaborating with The Willamette Disc Golf Club and the Disc Golf Club of Albany to bring The ‘Hounds to the ‘Pooia. Again, this should be a fun-filled evening with limited seating. So get here early if you want a resting spot for your kiester.

New Seasonals on Tap!

Our brave and noble brewers, Mark & Colin, have been brewing up some exciting new beers! The newest, Yeti, is a blackberry wheat beer – a lovely American Hefeweizen with just a hint of sweet-tart blackberry undertones. (And Sophia and I still have the scars from picking 20 lbs of the little purple devils – thanks to Dave, Everett, Mike & Deena for contributing, as well!)

Also on tap right now – our seasonal Fresh Hop Rye and extremely popular Simcoe Springs IPA.

There, But for the Grace of Hops, Go I

Alas, we are sad to say that we must raise the prices of our kegs from $115 to $120. Due to last year’s fire which destroyed 10% of the hop supply and the general shortage of hop suppliers, the price of hops (the wonderful little buds of pure flavor and aroma) have nearly tripled over the past year. We’ve done our best to absorb the majority of this increase, but must now raise our prices to help cover the higher cost of doing business. Our pints must also go up – $3.75. We apologize for the inconvenience. (FYI – Our keg and pint prices, even with the increase, remain below the industry norm.) If you’d like to purchase a keg, please drop by our Water Ave. entrance Tuesdays and Fridays 4pm-6pm or Saturdays 10am-noon.

That’s all my baby-addled, caffeine-deprived brain can come up with for now. (Oh yeah, the ‘Pooia Crew will be getting a little bigger come late December. More details later) 😉

– L & M

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