Happy Holidays, y’all! To help ring in the New Year, we have added some munchie new menu items to our already scrumptious culinary lineup. In case you were getting bored with our mouth- (and eye-) watering Class V burger, or our famous Reuben was making you go ho-hum (not bloody likely!!) we’ve added some unique and savory pub fare:

The Gut Bomb
Banger & Fries
Mini Chicken Corn Dogs
Scotch Egg
Buffalo Wings

Yeah, I bet you’d like to know what some of these things are, right? Gut Bomb?? Banger?? Well, you’ll just have to come in and try ’em to satiate your curiosity, so there…!

…OR you can wait until the New Year when we roll out our complete new menu, which will, of course be posted on this here website and will contain detailed descriptions of all our menu items. What can you look forward to, come January? Try 5, (count ’em!) FIVE juicy, zesty, lip-smackingly luscious new burgers, plus a revamp of our existing Chicken Burger. We’re also adding a new salad and a new sandwich.

So, once the needles have fallen from the tree, the pretty lights are all dimmed, the living room floor is awash in empty wrapping paper, and you’re wallowing in a post-holiday malaise, (or ringing in the New Year with ringing ears and an imprint of the Porcelain God on your forehead,) you can come to the ‘Pooia and drown your melancholy in the last vestiges of the Holiday Spirit with a pint of Kringle Krack and a hand-patted, Northwest-raised, fresh-never-frozen, 1/3 lb of carnivorous happiness!

Ho Ho Ho! *burp*

– L & M

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