Happy January! Hope everyone’s new year is shaping up nicely and y’all are keeping to your resolutions – unless of course your resolutions involved refraining from imbibing liquid malt refreshment or cutting down on grilled red meat! Anyhoo, I knew I was way behind on updating the website, so I logged in and noticed that the last update was done on December 16th. Hmmmmm, why does that date stick in my head? I’m sure it was something important, I just can’t put my finger on it…

OH YEAH!! It was the date our latest ‘Pooia PeeWee decided to start coming into the world! Jack Lawrence was born at 3:40am December 17th. He was 11 days early and already weighed over 8 pounds! So THAT’S why I’m so behind in all my work!

On to ‘Pooia related topics –

The annual Albany Rotary Crab Feed will be held on February 2nd from 3-8pm. Tickets are $30 each and are available at the ‘Pooia. This is a fundraiser for some great charities here at home and abroad, so if you like succulent, buttery crab, great music, fun atmosphere, and helping out your fellow Earthlings, get your tickets now and join us on the 2nd.

We have some exciting new music scheduled to play in February and March. Along with some great groups coming on our normal music Saturdays (including Terry Robb on the 9th) we also have music scheduled for two Fridays. Friday the 8th, we welcome Levator back to Calapooia. Friday the 15th is Metal Music night, as we host 3 new bands in one great event: Arcweld, Merlin, and Saintan. (Might want to bring your earplugs that night!) And rounding out February on the 23rd is the Douglas Detrick Quintet, also a newcomer to the ‘Pooia.

We welcome 2 new groups in March: Colin Lancaster on the 1st, and Deep Fried Hillybilly (mmm, sounds tasty!) on the 8th. Check out our music/events page for a complete listing.