Finally – another update to keep the surfers wet!

First off – the obligatory plug – if you haven’t come in to try our new burgers, you are seriously missing out. I can’t decide which is my new favorite, the Hawai’i V-Oh! or the Cobb Burger. To check out all of our juicy, hand-patted burger choices, click on the Beers & Eats link.

OK, on to new stuff: Calapooia Brewing Co. is hosting the Joe Beaver Show on Friday, March 28th. If you’d like to have a fantastic lunch and have a chance to win some great prizes (including some ‘Pooia schwag!) please join us!

NEW BEERS! We currently have our Rye 200, a celebration of our 200th batch brewed, on tap. Sooooo goooood! Coming up later this spring, we’ll release our spankin’ new Pacific Pilsner. This is our first lager, and it has turned out spectacularly! (I’ve already reserved a keg for my new rafting beer.) 🙂

Last, but certainly not least, we were honored that Rep. Peter DeFazio visited our brew pub this week! We gave him a tour and he tried a few of our brews. He made the surprise visit in between his more serious events. For the whole scoop, check out the DH article. (OK, so there wasn’t too much about us, but it was cool to be mentioned!)

Thanks for the visit and the support, Rep. DeFazio!