As promised, this was a really fun time at Suds & Suds in Corvallis. Thanks to everyone who came out!

Here are some pictures from last Thursday night. If you have pictures that we can include on the website, email me and we’ll get them up!

Many thanks to our great hosts at Suds, as well as Matt and Julie, who worked their butts off so we could show off 5 of our best microbrews in Oregon!

dc, webmaster

Who knew Mel from Crowbar was our biggest fan?! You rock Mel!
Mel's Calapooia Brewing Tatoo!
Close-up of Mel's Calapooia Brewing Tatoo

Mark got a surprise visit from his brother for the Brewer’s Night:
Family Cheers

Our favorite Suds Bartender, Julie, filling a pint for one of our fans:

Julie Pouring Oregon's Best Microbrew, Calapooia Brewing!

The crowd cheering Matt for giving some of our swag AWAAAAY!
crowd cheering Calapooia Brewing

Laura getting her web shots at the latest Brewer’s Night!

Laura and The Guys

The ‘Pooya Crew comes in force for Brewer’s Night at Suds and Suds!
The 'Pooya Crew at Suds and Suds in Corvallis

And who is that biting our brewer?!
Who's biting the brewer?!

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