I confess: I’ve taken more shots this month than I’ve had time to update the site! But before much more time passes I wanted to share pictures I’ve taken for Calapooia Brewing in the past couple of weeks.

Mark took me on a tour of the brewery highlighting the newly installed brew equipment. As you can tell, he’s passionate about his craft!
new tanks at Calapooia Brewing
Calapooia Brewing Microbrewery Oregon

Here’s the new rig that will be able to transport more precious ‘Pooya nectar to your local watering hole
Calapooia Brewing Distributing

And here’s a couple quick pics from the Oregon Garden Brewfest last weekend
Calapooia Brewing Mark and Laura

First picture is of Mark, Paul, and I. Next picture is a friend of ours, Alicia, who wanted to be pouring for us but pulled the Roots assignment instead. And finally that wonderful sausage!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and hope to see you at our brewery and pub in Albany soon!