When the weather changes, the clocks get manipulated and we live with less sunshine overall, it’s easy for the spirit to darken. There are many things that can help mitigate that seasonal depression; basking in the light of full-spectrum bulbs, St. Johns Wort, comfort food (say a Class V Burger w/tater tots for instance), BEER (duh), or some good ol’ “tear the roof off the motha-sucka” funk! Over the past two weeks we have had the funk thanks to Willamette Valley bands, Volifonix and Break As We Fall.

Volifonix started with two brothers, Trevor and Blake Forbess from Oakland, Oregon. They’ve teamed up with guitarist Joe McClain, bassist Elijah Medina and Saxy Samurai, Tomo Tsurumi to form an “experimental, funk flavored milk-shake.” Based in Eugene, Volifonix just finished a West Coast tour promoting their recent album, Oregonisms, which won them Best Of Eugene status.

Volifonix in their Halloween best.

Volifonix in their Halloween best.

“So Sick and So Wrong”

Boxzilla Tsurumi takes us on a Magic Carpet Ride.

Two weeks later, November 13th we had a visit from Corvallis born, Portland based Funk/Soul/Pop band Break As We Fall. They had just finished a West Coast tour as well, having just left California. They echoed sentiments we had heard from Volifonix, California sucks. Oregon audiences are so much more appreciative, especially at the ‘Pooia (I’m paraphrasing). Of course they would say that, but hey, they just happen to be right. We are very appreciative of such good music and good times.

Not fearing of ghosts. Evan Churchill;vocals, guitar, trumpet. Dan Grossen; guitar, vocals. Alex Moffat; drums. Steve Hammond; bass. Alia Beyer; vocals, tambourine, cuteness.

As always, this little HP digi-cam doesn’t create the best cinematic experience, but it gives an idea. For a better representation of their sound, check out their album entitled, If You’re Lonely.

Thank you all, patrons and performers, for making the Calapooia Brewpub a special place. May the good times roll on…