Last Friday the 12th, former Portland Trail Blazer center Chris Dudley was apparently on his way to the Linn County GOP Lincoln’s Day Dinner to run up his banner in the bid for the governor’s seat, when he decided to stop in for a pint at The Calapooia Brewpub. At 6’11”, the poor man can probably not go anywhere without being noticed, and sure enough, before he had even stepped through the front door of our humble and bustling establishment, there was a buzz. Flanked by aides sporting “Chris Dudley” across the top of their dress shirt pockets, he enjoyed a pint of our White Water Wheat and played a game of darts. Standing at the throwing line and reaching out, his arm spanned nearly half the distance to the board. I think it’s safe to say he’s the tallest man ever to enter our darling pub. Yours truly broke the ice with a request for a photo, wherein I looked like his child-hood teddy bear, brought along for comfort on a grueling campaign trail.

"This is my childhood friend Mr. Fuzzles."

Chris Dudley and Chris, or is it Tim?

Our dynamic Kary Rose with Chris and his aides.

The gig was up for our guest by then and on his way out he was regaled with a gauntlet of greetings, questions and appreciation for his contribution for the Blazers. Come back anytime Chris, bring your friends and plan on staying a while.