Greetings lovers of good beer, good food and good music. Here at The Calapooia Brewing Company we’ve got all three for your sensory pleasure. Every 2nd, 4th and sometimes 5th (when there is one) Thursday of the month we are visited by old friends of the brewery, WILD HOG IN THE WOODS. Comprised of anywhere from 2 to 8 (4 being the core) local musicians, this fun loving bunch of guys take us to memories of simpler times with their own brand of string driven Roots-Americana.

Wild Hog in the Woods tell of the history of the universe.

Herschel of Wild Hog plays a mean saw.

Then on Friday we will be visited by Blues guitarist ROBERT RICHTER bringing his own entourage for an acoustic trio featuring fiddle and vocalist/percussionist. For a sample of ROBERT RICHTER’S work, check out his myspace page at

Saturday brings us Seattle based duo RAVIN’WOLF. “With an Acoustic Heart, RAVIN’WOLF is a powerhouse of talent with the drive it takes to succeed in the music business. Acoustic Alchemists their signature style is soulful, sweet and solid…even dangerous…their refreshing and truly original sound takes you someplace new in rock music. Songwriters since childhood, the power duo RAVIN’WOLF exemplifies the type of haunting original sound making its way out of the ethereal desert sageland of Central Washington State and onto the national and international stage. Offering a fresh lyrical and musical change RAVIN’WOLF stands front and center emerging ready and steady from the American Roots Rock genre.” For samples both audio and visual check out