I am a lucky man. Not only do I have the privilege of providing good drink and good food to those of you who’ve graced our fine establishment, but, as if to add chili and cheese to my tater tots, I also have the pleasure of booking our live entertainment. I’m always learning and refining and am gratified when I receive appreciative feed-back about our music. I have eclectic tastes, running all over the board, and I seek to reflect that in the variety of acts I schedule. But sometimes, a group defies all attempts to define them, manifesting in one spectacular evening the very essence of eclectia (my word). XENAT-RA is a fine example of just how much talent we are surrounded by here in our cozy little neck of the woods, straddling the Willamette between Albany and Corvallis. They’ll be here at the Calapooia Brewing Company this Saturday, April 24th, ready to take you to a new refutation of time and space. Showtime is 8:30. Bring a little extra cash as we’re trying to raise enough money to buy some studio time for their first album. For a $20 donation you’ll receive a XENAT-RA t-shirt, a CD of live recordings, and you’ll get your email address on a list that will provide access to the album’s progress as it’s made. Here’s a little something XENAT-RA with front man Monk Metz bringing you a public service accouncement.


For those of you familiar with Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network, you’ll appreciate this.

Please check samples of live recordings at their MySpace page: www.myspace.com/xenatrarules.