Friday, July 9th marks the 3d visit from the L.A. based ensemble The Peculiar Pretzelmen. They are difficult to describe but allow me to take a stab at it: It’s the sardonic grin over a broken heart; the grim determination to trudge spiritedly through a gloomy world; laughter in the face of death; whistling in the dark. The first time I heard them I thought, Spike Jones meets Tom Waits in a graveyard at midnight to do musical battle using the bones of the deceased. To hear them pound out their rhythms using the cast-offs of many kitchens and garages mingled with frenetic banjo, pulsing guitar, perhaps the wail of a saw or even the caressing of glass, elicits a sense of depression-era despair tempered with a fierce hope. Lest I find myself in a verbal rabbit-hole of my own making, allow me to share with you some video clips of their last visit to the ‘Pooia. Check out their myspace page for better quality video. Enjoy, and then come down to the ‘Pooia on Friday night and experience them live. To use the tag-line of their previous tour, “Smile, life’s not as long as you think.”

See you on the other side.