Eleven Eyes, that’s what. Comprised of some of the best musicians in the Willamette Valley, Eleven Eyes is a music nerd’s wet dream. I’ve been listening to Eleven Eyes since the band was born and have been following the musical adventures of about half the band since the mid-nineties. Based in Eugene, Eleven Eyes truly had it’s genesis in the fertile musical soil of Corvallis. I would argue that Corvallis has a greater number of good musicians per capita than any other place in Oregon. With a much smaller overall population than any other good music town, Corvallis enjoys a unique phenomenon. With all these extremely talented musicians crammed into such a small space, it doesn’t allow for the formation of  scenes.  Where larger towns have a blues scene, a jazz scene, rock scene, country scene, etc, in fact scenes within scenes, Corvallis’ musicians are forced to play with one another despite any differences in musical style. As a result, difficult to define fusions are created and an opportunity for real musical exploration is available to the practitioners as well as the aficionados. Eleven Eyes is a great example of just such a mash of varied musical styles. Perhaps most accurately dubbed Jazz/Funk/Fusion, Eleven Eyes will stimulate both your brain and your booty. Whether you are the kind of person who must first free your mind so that your ass may follow, or you’re inclined to free your ass that your mind may follow, Eleven Eyes is for you. www.myspace.com/eleveneyes.

As far as I can tell, this will be the first ever performance of Eleven Eyes in our little town of Albany. Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see them perform in the Calapooia Brewing Company warehouse, where there is plenty of good beer and food to fuel your ecstatic inner and outer gyrations. The price is only $5. How could you not?

Friday, August 6th, 7pm, Calapooia Brewing Company. Eleven Eyes. $5.

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