Greetings traveler, come in. Grab a beer, a seat and menu and abide awhile. This Saturday, September 4th, we welcome back to the best little pub in the valley, that fine singer/songwriter of the Northwest, JOHN SHIPE. John and his music are a real Cascadian product; stripped down, honest, without affect. He sounds like the voice of our dream-self, shown up for another day of school without our clothes on. Here is a man who has come by his material the hard way, as it seems all the best song-writers have. There is quality of assurance, not of possessing the answers but of knowing the right questions to ask. He is various, musically, drawing from folk, rock and pop influences to provide his sound with a depth that matches his lyricism. His is a sound that you are unlikely to hear on any radio-station not publicly owned. But to hear him live, you only need get yourself on down to the Calapooia Brewpub this Saturday and heed the first two sentences of this post. On that note, I leave you with this link. Take a few minutes and check him out.