One-man act American Nobody sets up his entire rig on stage in about seven minutes time. There’s a case with several pedals in it, an acoustic guitar, a small shaker or two, and a vocal microphone. Utilizing years of refined studio instincts and a Gibson DPP Looper, he shows the audience that one person with a few toys can make a BIG sound!

In 2007, American Nobody’s music joined the ranks of Sufjan Stephens, Xavier Rudd, and Jack Johnson in being featured on the PBS television series “Road Trip Nation.” His live looping has been featured on Portland’s beloved KBOO radio as well as college radio stations in Kansas, Vermont, and Illinois. Known for his variety, The Onion newspaper noted that American Nobody “accents his songs with everything from garden-variety folk to dreamy pop to country.” And the resulting sound appeals to a wide audience!

American Nobody has mastered the art of looping as one of Portland, Oregon’s emerging singer/songwriter acts. His flashy guitar chops and robust voice deliver catchy hooks and melodies that fuse the influences of Jeff Buckley and Ed Vedder with the legendary looping of Keller Williams and Tim Reynolds. Weaving tight layers of voice, guitar, bass tones, and percussion, he has redefined the modern concept of singer and songwriter.