So, anyone who’s anyone knows Calapooia makes the best burgers out there… word on the street is someone is even trying to replicate our famous and unique Class 5 burger – I guess imitation IS the best form of flattery! But do we rest on our juicy, beefy laurels, heck no! We strive to bring our ‘Pooia People the best each and every day, which is why we have partnered with an amazing company called Oregon Natural Meats.
Natural Brew Beef They use grain from breweries (Hey! We’re a brewery!) to feed their cattle, which (veggie-heads, look away!) they then turn into the tastiest beef and steaks around (Hey! We make the tastiest burgers around!) It’s a cycle! And it’s all local! They even tell us it takes the spent grain from 3 pints of beer to make one hamburger (hint, hint!). So eat, drink, and be a “Locavore!”