For a little something different this New Year’s Eve, slip into your favorite lounge-wear and come down to the Pooia for some celebratory relaxin’ with a Leslie Nielsen double-feature. I grew up watching Mr. Nielsen play the heavy on many police and courtroom T.V. dramas in the ’70s. He was always straight, terse, and often chilling. Then came the movie Airplane in 1980 and we all became privy to a new Leslie Nielsen displaying brilliant comedic timing that would completely relaunch his career. In 1982, he returned to T.V. for the short lived but outrageously hilarious Police Squad by Jim Abrahams and the Zucker brothers. While the series lasted only a season, it led to a continuation of the misadventures of  Detective Frank Drebin in the wildly successful Naked Gun movie franchise. Sadly, Mr. Nielsen gave his final bow this year and so we honor his life, career, and thank him for the many laughs.

We had our first Pajama Party/Movie Night last New Year’s Eve with Beerfest and The Big Lebowski. It was so much fun, we decided to do it this year, and look to making it a Calapooia Brewing Company tradition. I recommend a camp chair with a cup holder for your beer. The Kitchen will be open normal hours, and we’ll keep the popcorn coming!

8pm              Airplane!

10pm           Naked Gun

Midnight     Bubbly!

We’ll see ya there!

Oh, and one more thing. We will open at 1pm on New Year’s Day, to give our staff a little extra time to recover from New Year’s Eve. That’s just how we roll.