Greetings fellow publicans! This Friday the 14th, Calapooia Brewing Company is hosting the 3d Annual Anniversary Party for that hip, deep, hip-deep and fabulous mid-valley weekly newspaper, The Alchemist! It is a showcase of local talent, thought and goings-on of the denizens of Corvallis and her neighbors brought to life by a handful of OSU students/musicians past and present. To read it is to witness a labor of love by it’s makers. To see it enjoy growth is something that I see as one of the things that is right with the world. At least with our little pocket of it.

This is going to be a kick-ass warehouse party with famed, veteran acid-punk band ARCWELD opening for Corvallis legend and Alchemist “house” band, STAIRWAY DENIED offering a good stiff dose of Led Zepplin tunes. For only $7 you will have the opportunity to have your face melted off by these two awesome bands! Showtime is 8pm and while you’re there, we got beer, oh yes we do, and lots of it! Hungry? Tear into one of our fantastic, juicy burgers to fuel your ecstatic gyrations! Don’t miss this once in a lifetime show!