From the Mid-Willamette Valley comes a young bard with an old soul. Based in Eugene, with roots deep throughout the valley, including Albany, Tyler Fortier is a fine example of the artistic wealth of the region. Barely a quarter of a century old, Tyler exhibits a wisdom beyond his years. Lifetimes of pain, loss, renewal and hope can be heard in the voice of this old soul wearing the guise of a young man. Usually, such depth comes from much suffering and family strife, yet when Tyler plays the Calapooia, the place is filled with family and friends of at least 3, perhaps 4 generations, all delighting in him and one another. It’s as if he is able to speak for the newly born as well as the well worn with their full complicity. When you come to see and hear Tyler Fortier, alone or with a band, you’ll know you’re experiencing something very special.

Showtime is 8pm, Friday the 29th at The Calapooia Brewpub. Free.

Tyler Fortier at McDonald Theatre, Eugene, OR