“It’s been a long time in coming…” There are lots of things we can say that about here at the Calapooia Brewing Company. We’ve been upgrading in many ways, the most famous and well known is with our FINALLY bottling CHILIBEER! I am still excited about this. If you don’t already know how awesome it is to cook with, then all I can say is, get with it!

In other news… Mark Martin, our illustrious master brewer and publican, is celebrating his birthday on the 20th. Besides brewing a mean batch of Chilibeer and rIPArian, Mark also enjoys rock and roll music. One of his favorite bands…no, I think I can safely say, his favorite band is Pink Floyd. Followed closely by Tool.

On Friday, October 21st, from Portland comes PIGS ON THE WING!

If you like PINK FLOYD, and would like to hear PIGS ON THE WING, it will only cost you $6.

Here there be beer, wine, cider, burgers, sandwiches, fried goodies, and…pizza! Thanks to our good friends, Rolling Stone Pizza and their portable earth-oven! So come join us, and listen to the “ticking away” of the “moments that make up a dull day.”