Ghosts, ghouls, goblins, ghasts, Gregs and Gretchens all! The time approaches, when the membrane between the world of the living and the dead is at its thinnest. Traditionally, we decorate pumpkins, or as it was in the old world, potatoes, to scare our dead ancestors away from our homes and if that fails, we wander in outlandish disguises so they won’t recognize us and allay us with their advice, curses, or just give us hell because we never call. For most of us today, it’s just fun! An excuse to become unrecognizable by the living who know us, surprise them, then commence with the frivolity. And do we have some frivolity for you all this Saturday.

Joining us for our first, real Halloween Celebration at the Calapooia are two really great musical acts. The Peculiar Pretzelmen from Los Angeles, and Metallicanoid, or something in Russian that I haven’t learned how to pronounce, that locally grown tribute to Metallica.

Starting out the evening, at 8:30pm, The Peculiar Pretzelmen are perfectly suited for such a celebration. Playing upon an array of instruments, vintage tools, kitchen utensils and a couple of megaphones, The Pretzelmen are two extraordinary fellows, Monsieur Incroyable and The Deacon, who play a ruckus to wake the dead and get them dancing. They sound like Tom Waits and Spike Jones met in a graveyard at midnight with a pickup truck full of random junk and started telling the stories of those interred. It is music that would have been just as salient a hundred years ago as it is today. A sardonic howl into the dark with a hip thrust and a kick. If you’re looking for labels, it’s steam-punk honkey-tonk. Or acid-ragtime.


Following that, I wouldn’t want to, but if I was one of the fellows that comprised the Metallica tribute band that you will see this Saturday, I’d feel okay about it. The same people who brought us Why Why Zed, that Rush Tribute phenomenon that also enjoyed their debut on the Calapooia stage, return with a vengeance. Sam and Paul Kincaid (those Willamette grown wunderkinds of everything musical), J.D. Monroe (one of the finest drummers in Oregon), and Tyler Nitzke of Portland (who besides doing great justice to Alex Lifeson’s licks also regularly tackles the music of Tool) are coming together to perform the music of two of Metallica’s best albums, Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets. It’s another debut of its kind for the Pooia, and knowing these guys, it will not disappoint.

Come in costume, for there will be the bestowing of gifts for those deemed worthy! And don’t forget those annoying ancestors, you never know when Uncle Fred will return from the grave to embarrass you in front of your new girlfriend who looks just like Linda Carter in her Wonder Woman costume. Hacha! Yeah, that dates me.

For those of you in Corvallis who have a fear of crossing moving water or driving for 20 minutes, there will be a schoolbus leaving Bombs Away Cafe at 8:30, arriving at the Pooia by 9, and returning you to Bombs Away Cafe after the show is over. It will simply cost you the $8 that it costs to see the show. That’s right! $8 for great music at a great place with amazing beer, food and fun, and a ride!

Also joining us will be our friends, Rolling Stone Pizza and their portable earth oven putting out some of the best pizza you’ll find this side of Napoli.

So come join us this Saturday, October 29th, and let’s make a Halloween weekend of it!