Salutations, salivators over splendiferous suds!

Another year comes to a close and it is time to party like it’s some year before it becomes another year. To facilitate this need, the Calapooia Brewpub will be visited by sensational simulcrum of Canadian supergroup Rush, WHY WHY ZED! On the cusp of 2012 they play homage to the science fiction inspired 1976 album, 2112 and launch us into the far reaches of outer space and tomorrow. The album tells a cautionary tale of mankinds future in the stars, when music has long been outlawed. An ancient relic is discovered by an innocent who is able to use it to make strange and pleasing sounds. With guitar in hand, he begins to undermine the power of the music-fearing technocracy by shredding the space-ways with awesome (Alex Lifeson) licks.

WHY WHY ZED enjoyed their debut on the Calapooia stage and now they return to guide us into the future with a bow to the past. There will be other musical surprises as well, so don’t miss this opportunity to ring the new year in right!

Music starts at 9:30 and the cover is $5. There will be much great food, beer and wine to accompany the merriment. Please join us, This Saturday, New Year’s Eve!

Cheers and Happy New Year!


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