Once there was an early Christian cleric who was found to be naughty in the sight of the Emperor of Rome. Before he was martyred, it is said he left a note for his friend, the jailor’s daughter, which he signed, “From your Valentine.” Later, in the year 496 of our Common Era, Pope Gelasius set aside February 14th to honor St. Valentine, or so the story goes.

A sanguinous beginning to be sure, and surprising it never found it’s way into Shakespeare’s work, fond as he was of tragic lovers. Whether or not there was something untoward going on between the cleric and the jailor’s daughter, it was certainly before priests were disallowed from the joys of love-making, so who’s business is it, really? Whatever the case, over time February 14th became the day of lovers, celebrated with flowers and candy and dinner reservations that someone better not have forgotten to make. So, lest we forget…

Beginning at 6pm on February 14th, we will dress ourselves up a little, maybe put some vases with pretty flowers on the table, perhaps even a candle or two. In addition to our regular menu, which of course is fabulous in it’s own publican right, we will be serving a four course dinner with your choice of two entrees; Oregon Natural Meats Prime Rib, or locally caught, Wild Steelhead. We will suggest a pairing of one of our beers or an Oregon wine for each course. Or you can order your favorite to go along with your meal.

At 7pm we welcome Eugene, Oregon singer-songwriter, John Shipe as he plays the strings of your heart in his own skillfull way. Check out this recent ode to an unfairly maligned breed of man’s best friend.

Reservations are available and going fast, so please call and make yours today. Reservation times start at 5:45pm, music and dinner end at 9pm. If you have a hard time getting through to the pub, you are welcome to make reservations on-line, just remember to leave your name and number so we can call you back and confirm.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you then!