Greetings boys and girls! It’s almost that time again. The 2nd Wednesday of the month brings us our next installment of Calapooia Brewing Company’s Science Pub, in association with Andy Bedingfield of the Center for Material Science at the University of Oregon. This months subject…

Precision Agriculture: New Technology for Sustainable Productivity Increases

The world’s food needs are expected to double by 2050. With most of the world’s prime farmland already in production, how are scientists working to increase crop yields while minimizing environmental impact?

At Calapooia Brewery’s Monthly Science Pub at 6:30 on April 11th, Dr. Bruce Branchaud, Professor Emeritus of Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology at the University of Oregon will address this important and interesting topic. Dr Branchaud received his PhD from Harvard in 1981. In addition to his academic career, he spent several years as an R&D executive in the biotech industry, 2005-2011, at Invitrogen and Life Technologies. He has made scientific contributions over the past 3 decades in several areas including organic chemistry, biological chemistry, chemical biology, organometallic chemistry and nanochemistry.

This is a family friendly event, however, as per our license; minors may be here for the express purpose of consuming food and must be accompanied by a responsible adult. There is no cover charge, the information is free. Come hungry, come thirsty, we got the stuff to fix those maladies.

Don’t miss yet another evening of stimulating conversation about one of my favorite things, SCIENCE!