Unless you’ve been here on a random Sunday afternoon, when she just happened to be in town, Vicki Stevens hasn’t been around since March. While you may hear most, if not all, the members of the Vicki Stevens Band playing at the Calapooia Blues Jam on Sundays, it’s a whole different show when they’re billed as the Vicki Stevens Band. Everyone gets dressed up, Froggy puts on his best Hawaiian style shirt, washes the hay out of his hair and trades in his trademark green Crocks for some lace-up shoes. And Vicki…ah Ms. Vicki. You know when she enters the room. It’s not just that she is a strikingly beautiful giantess, but she lights up a room with a 1000 watt smile and charisma for days. If you are fortunate enough to score a hug, count your lucky stars and bank that feeling.

And then she takes the stage. The woman can sing and the men can play. It is a booty shakin’, soul stirrin’, bump and grindin’ good time! Showtime is 9pm, Friday, August 24th! Seeya there!