Ahoy, ye scurvy dogs! Aren’t ye just the surliest scalliwags to stain the seas scarlet with sanguine sauces?! Aye, that y’arrrr! Comes upon us, that piratin’ time, whens we be celebratin’ the day created by our dear Cap’n Slappy and his partner in high liquid larceny, Ol’ Chumbucket, known as In’ernational Talk Like a Pirate Day! Officially, it’s on the 19th, that’s Wednesday, or Humpday to those of us with a more lascivious bent. But we say it’s sommat what deserves a week of rampant frivolity! All week, there’ll be a salty tang to our neck of the Willamette, but on Saturday, the 22nd, we’ll be hostin’ WALK THE PLANK, that genre-bending trio of troubadours returned from Davy’s locker! We thought they’s gone forever, but they’ve returned, their haunted eyes speakin’ of unknown horrors. Theirs is a music to set the Kraken to crackin’, to put the tune in Neptune, and to send your mind on a voyage from which it will never return the same as when it left! Put on your jaunty best, or worst, and come down to the Calapooia Brewpub this Saturday at 8pm, and bring 3 one dollar bills with ya, soes we can pay those foul gets of a tiger shark.


Pearly Nippled Paulrus