More than a decade ago, I was a bartender at an establishment on the Corvallis riverfront known as The Fox and Firkin. It was a very trippy place to work, and I had a great time while I was there. Stinky, my fellow bartender and I were quite the team. Every Saturday night we had live music at the Fox, and most of it was really good. There was one night, in particular, which I’ll never forget. My friend Wendy, who was at that time the owner of Oregon Trader Brewing Company(!) had come over to the F&F to hear the band that was scheduled to play that night. The band was one that had played her establishment previously and she had become a fan. SILVERHAWK was the name of the band and it was fronted by one Sam Densmore. They rocked so hard that night, that a thunderstorm blew through Corvallis, rattling the windows in their frames and back-lighting the band while they played, with blinding arcs of lightning! I shit you not. Even the band was surprised by the special effects!

SILVERHAWK, now a four-piece, still led by Sam and accompanied by his brother John, keyboardist Anthony Cotham, and drummer, Coby Bixby, will be playing the Calapooia for the first time, since it’s reincarnation. Now I’m not going to guarantee a spectacular atmospheric display this time around (it’s not in the forecast), but I will say that these guys won’t disappoint. If I must use labels, I will use those attributed them by ReverbNation; “Alternative/Psychadelic/Rock.” Yup, that works. Here’s a video they made. To hear more of SILVERHAWK’S music, check them out at then come see them here at Calapooia Brewing this Saturday, September 29th at 8pm. And it’s FREE!