Autumn has fallen with a dry wit and a wry smile. The tension between political parties thickens as the membrane between worlds thins. Soon, people will be celebrating the subjugation of a continent as they prepare to hide themselves from the ghosts of the past. We start off strong this month with two great musical acts from just down the road in Eugene.

On Friday, October 5th at 8 o’clock, we enjoy the return of the McGs. They are guitarist, and born ring-master, Shaun McGowan and his very talented daughter, violinist, Hannah McGowan. The McGs debuted at the Calapooia four years ago, when Hannah was only 14 and a gifted musician. Now a veteran of the Calapooia music scene, and a talented young woman, Hannah, and her father Shaun, are still playing those old world pub songs, making us feel transported to a simpler time. It’s guitar and fiddle at their finest on Friday and it’s free!

And on Saturday, John Shipe returns to the scene of his many crimes here at the ‘Pooia. All John is really guilty of is telling a good story and being one hell of a musician. He is an Oregon institution and ranks among some of the Pacific Northwest’s finest singer/songwriters. Come see him this Saturday at 8 o’clock at the Calapooia, for free!

Oh, and he loves pit bulls…