Those genre blending, mind bending, spleen flensing masters of electric jazz/rock fusion return to bestow more cerebral convolutions. WALK THE PLANK is Brian Bucolo, Page Hundemer and Mark France, a trio of truculence upon the high seas of musical virtuosity.  Over the boards of Bucolo’s beat, Hundemer’s bass and France’s guitar fly among the sheets and sails, beginning in the calm seas of something resembling a jazz standard. Suddenly, the skies turn dark and the tempest blows with a chaos that threatens to tear all apart as Hundemer and France fly into flights of metal fantasy. Without a visible cue, the sun breaks through and all three parts are once again in harmony and Bucolo brings all to a calm and happy harbor.

It’s a ride worth taking and even if my feeble attempt to make them into a scene from a Forester novel makes you cringe, don’t hold it against the band. They stand on their own. Listening to this music will improve your life and make you a better person.

Saturday February 9th. 8 o’clock. No Cover!