It’s true that we in the Willamette Valley are truly blessed with a wide range of musical talent, perhaps due to the relatively close proximity of the University of Oregon to the south, the currently “in” and “hip” city of Portland to the north and right smack-dab in the middle, our beloved Oregon State University and it’s container, the town of Corvallis. This provides a fecund pool of creativity and philomathic tendencies…ah what the hell, we love music and culcha.

That said, we certainly don’t have the market cornered by any stretch of the imagination. Seattle is one of the most influential and (dare I use the word?… I dare) progressive cities in the U.S. today and has been, musically, for a good three decades at least. Well, it still is and The Hoot Hoots are a good example of that. The following is an excerpt from The  Hoot Hoots‘ website…

“Bunny suits and super heroes. Rainbow cloaks and Vader onesies. Fuzz, synths, sing-a-longs, and yes more fuzz! Seattle power pop quartet The Hoot Hoots bring all that and more as they pledge allegiance to the United States of Have-A-Good-Time, and its obvious in both their live shows and in their two 2011 full length releases, Silly Lecture Series and Appetite for Distraction.

In reviews of their live shows and albums, the Seattle Weekly has compared them favorably to the Shins, the Deli Seattle Magazine has praised them for their “flashy, out-of-control pop sensibilities,” and countless audiences from venues across Seattle can bear witness to their dedication to creating a fun, energetic performance. Think vintage Flaming Lips with a splash of NES and a dash of the Unicorns.”

This Friday will be their first foray into the Calapooia Brewing Company, and as far as I know, into this portion of the Willamette Valley. Their presentation and energy is infectious and I challenge anyone in the room to remain still. Best of all, you get to see them for free! It will cost you nothing but for the excellent beer you drink and the delicious food you eat. Showtime is 9 o’clock. Don’t miss this unique musical event, right here at Calapooia Brewing Company! Here’s a little taste of The Hoot Hoots