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The Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC) and Calapooia Brewery would like to invite you all to“Astronomy in Oregon – Boldly going where Few Astronomers Have Gone Before!


Dr. Scott Fisher, a faculty member in the UO Department of Physics, will speak about what is it like to be a modern professional astronomer and how he plans to bring cutting-edge astronomy to the state of Oregon. In this informal Science Pub talk (which is filled with great pictures and videos) Dr. Fisher will talk about “A Day in the Life of an Astronomer” and some of the most recent discoveries in the realm of astronomy. He will also speak about how he plans to connect schools in Oregon (from K-12 to UO and OSU) to the largest telescopes in the world through a proposed “Remote Observing Center”. Finally, there will definitely be time for a rousing game of “Stump the Astronomer!” where Dr. Fisher will field questions from the audience on topics related to astronomy. Please come on down to “look up” for an evening of fun and informative astronomy.



Dr. Fisher is a new faculty member in the UO Department of Physics. Previous to his appointment at UO, Dr. Fisher was a Program Director at the National Science Foundation in Washington, DC where he awarded grants to fund projects in astronomy. Many of the projects he funded were related to not only front-line research projects, but also science education and outreach to students and the public. Before that position, he spent 10 years living in Hilo, Hawaii where he was a permanent member of the staff of the Gemini Observatory, the 4th largest telescope in the world. At Gemini he supported scientists from around the globe with their research projects and was the lead Outreach Scientist for the observatory. Here at UO Dr. Fisher is excited to teach introductory level astronomy classes to non-majors, and to work on setting up research and internship opportunities for students at large telescope facilities located around the planet. When Dr. Fisher isn’t spending time “looking up”, you can find him at various Duck sporting events, tramping around looking for Geocaches, or living it up anywhere the neon is shining and casino chips are flying!


Where: Calapooia Brewery, 140 Hill St NE, Albany OR

When: August 14th, Trivia starts at 6:30 PM

Win a Prize!!! The CSMC will have prizes for the top five trivia competitors.

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Andy Bedingfield

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