Ladies and gentlemen, vixens and rakes! We approach the threshold of Winter and welcome the return of sunnier times. We Homo sapiens have been celebrating this most wonderful time of the year for as long as we’ve been building stone calendars and marking the movement of the sun and stars. It goes back long before the vassals of the Egyptian monarchy constructed the pyramids, perhaps even before the agricultural revolution really caught on. Whatever the circumstances, it is a tradition with a long history of joy and celebration and we’re continuing that grand tradition this weekend here at Calapooia Brewing.

A few years back I received an email from a musical duo called the Peculiar Pretzelmen. They quickly become one of Calapooia Brewing’s most anticipated, returning musical guests and once word was out, they packed the house every time. Since then, front-man, ring-leader, master of ceremonies, lead-singer/guitarist/percussionist, Kevin Incroyable has moved to Seattle, gotten married, and started a new band called, L’Orchestre D’Incroyable. Kevin’s irresistible presence, infectious energy and wry wit is the centerpiece in this spectacular ensemble of musicians and performance artists. Kevin is like a blend of Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart and Jon Stewart. L’Orchestre D’Incroyable is folk and it’s punk. It is gentle and reflective as much as it is brash and irreverent. It is both hands flipping off the sky, tears streaming down its face and over its smiling lips.

L’Orchestre D’Incroyable plays Calapooia Brewing Company on Friday, December 20th at 9 pm. Don’t miss it!

On Saturday, June 21st, Walk The Plank returns to bring us more of their genre-bending electric jazz. It is a tilt-a-whirl ride of mind altering music from which you will emerge changed…in a good way. Page Hundemer, Mark France and Brian Bucolo are virtuosos of the Willamette Valley, bringing you a blend of musical forms that will keep you guessing. Disparate themes ride the ether, never crossing, then finally intersecting and suddenly there is harmony, as if it was there all along. This is another show not to miss. It is guaranteed to delight any seeker of musical truth. It is beautiful and ugly and dissonant and funky and you will enjoy the ride.

Walk The Plank plays at Calapooia Brewing Company on Saturday, December 21st at 8 pm. Be there!