“Bluesman/singer/songwriter David Vidal has worked with such musical luminaries as Joe Walsh and Gene Clark. Jackson Browne once gave him half a chicken salad sandwich. Thank goodness for small favors. His slide guitar playing doesn’t suck. He’s had songs recorded by America, Shaun Murphy and so on. Multiple film and television usages including “My Cousin Vinny” and “Friday Night Lights”. Vidal was born in New Mexico and lives in California. He went to high school in Colorado. He rode freight trains thru Old Mexico in his youth, whilst wandering most of the North American continent. He toured Europe as the lead singer and guitarist of the eclectic New Orleans groove band Village of Odd Waters. He’s written two books, one fiction and one non-fiction. His homegrown solo recordings have made him a living rumor throughout the civilized world. He’s on the road more often than not, occasionally staying in a haunted hotel..”

Come see this “living rumor” play Calapooia Brewing Company this Saturday at 8 o’clock. All you Sunday Blues Jam fans and the players who love them would really enjoy this rare treat. As usual, it’s free.