John Shipe played over a 100 gigs a year for a dozen years, touring the entire country and putting out 9 albums in the Freeform Americana Genre.  Two of which — Yellow House and Villain — received international airplay and acclaim, once hitting a number 1 spot on German Radio Marabu.

Shipe’s music is multi-genred and multi-sonic, but always centered around witty, provocative stories populated by vivid characters with unusual problems.  All of it is delivered in moving melodies sung by a warm, endearing voice, described as a “velvet embrace.”  

And his hybrid flat/fingerpicking guitar playing ain’t so bad either.  

Eugene Register Guard said that only Shipe can put out work “this diverse without sounding schizophrenic.”

Americana UK calls his work “a multitude of delights.”

Salem Statesman Journal called it “nothing short of mesmerizing.”