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November Science Pub!

Hi Everyone,

The Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC) and Calapooia Brewery would like to invite you all to Dangerous Leaking Radioactive Places a presentation by University of California Davis Professor of Chemistry and Geology, and Bill Casey.
Description:  In this eye opening, and often funny talk, professor Casey will review some aspects of the world’s experiments with actinide elements, including our attempts to control them and store them safely.  Professor Casey considers his talk non-ideological, and states that his goal for this talk is for listeners to understand the risks and hazards of our nuclear legacy.

Bio:  Bill Casey is an Professor in the Chemistry and Geology Departments at the University of California Davis. He received his PhD from Pennsylvania State University in 1985, worked as a staff scientist at Sandia National Lab from 1985 to 1990, and has been at UC Davis since 1991. Professor Casey researches reactions between water, rock and minerals. Many weathering phenomena involve reactions with water on mineral surfaces, something which can be mimicked in the laboratory by studying the aqueous chemistry of metal aquo clusters by heteronuclear NMR and MS. Other interests include crystal growth, general cluster chemistry, bio-inorganic chemistry, and chemistry from an environmental aspect. Professor Casey’s research is supported in part by the CSMC.

 Where: Calapooia Brewery, 140 Hill St NE, Albany OR

When: November 6th, Trivia starts at 6:30 PM

Win a Prize!!! The CSMC will have prizes for the top five trivia competitors.

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Andy Bedingfield

Director of Education and Outreach

Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry

Materials Science Institute

University of Oregon

Chili Beer Bottling Day Gallery!

Yesterday we had our very first bottling and soon to be on the shelf at a store near you is our award winning Chili Beer. If you’d like some this weekend I understand that it should be on shelves in Eugene and Corvallis at area Market of Choice and Bi-Mart stores.

5400 bottles, or 7 pallets, were filled yesterday. Here are some pictures and video of the action.


This weekend is the 21st annual Great Pumpkin Run in Corvallis, Oregon. Calapooia Brewing is very proud to be the title sponsor for such an important fundraiser in our community. All proceeds go directly to Home Life, a non-profit organization supporting people with developmental disabilities.

1K Fun Run starts at 8:30AM, the 10K Run at 9:00AM, and the 5K Run and Walk just after at 9:10AM. Register now on the Home Life website!

Mark and Laura are planning to participate and we hope to see you there!