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Other Good Stuff

Chili Beer Chili

Our award-winning Chili Beer makes this a unique and spicy chili! Topped with cheese and onion and served with tortilla chips and a pickle.

‘Pooia Pups

Mini chicken corn dogs served with ketchup & mustard.

Buffalo Wings

Coated in Frank’s Red Hot and served with celery and bleu cheese dressing.

Fish ‘n Chips

3 generous pieces of wild-caught wahoo (Ono) served with a heap of fries and tartar sauce.

Chicken Strips

3 tender strips of chicken breast, coated with crushed potato chips and deep-fried to golden crispiness, served with a heaping helping of fries.

Banger and Fries

Traditional English pub grub! A tasty sausage handmade at the Pepper Tree and served with sweet-hot mustard and a generous helping of fries.

The Gut Bomb

The name says it all! Crisp tater tots smothered in our Chili Beer chili, and topped with cheddar cheese and sour cream.

Fries or Tater Tots

A one-pound plate of fried potatoes – big enough to share!

Garlic Fries

Our one-pound helping of fries, drenched in garlic butter and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and green onions.