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Hi Everyone,


The Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC) and Calapooia Brewery would like to invite you all to: Not your granny’s magnets! Radioactivity! Things that glow! Cool Chemistry from the depths of the Periodic Table. A Science Pub Presentation by May Nyman, an associate professor of chemistry at Oregon State University.



Forgotten at the bottom of the Periodic Table are the f-elements with the f-electrons. Not ‘what-the-f’; just ‘f’. Come find out why f-electrons in f-elements are so useful for your hybrid cars, wind energy, high-efficiency LED lightbulbs, catching counterfeiters, and so much more.



May is an associate professor of chemistry at Oregon State University; where she and her research group study all types of metal-oxo clusters in water. May has been in the Pacific Northwest only 2.5 years; a former desert rat, and is dealing with the rain and loving the beer just fine, thank you. In the high New Mexico desert, May worked at Sandia National Laboratories for 14.5 years; but she knows no government secrets, so don’t bother asking.


Where: Calapooia Brewery, 140 Hill St NE, Albany OR


When: April 8th, Trivia starts at 6:30 PM


Win a Prize!!! The CSMC will have prizes for the top five trivia competitors


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Andy Bedingfield

Director of Education and Outreach

Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry

Materials Science Institute

University of Oregon

1252 University of Oregon

Eugene, OR 97403

c 541 285 6184

Hi Everyone,

The Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry (CSMC) and Calapooia Brewery would like to invite you all to: Using Sound and Radio Waves to Probe Cascadia: Prognosis Earthquake? A Science Pub Presentation by Dean Livelybrooks, professor of Physics at the University of Oregon.

Description: Here in the Pacific Northwest we live in an active geological laboratory with spreading ridges, a subduction zone, and volcanoes. New oceanic plates are formed off-shore and move towards the continent, with very real implications. Where the two plates initially meet is called the ‘locked zone,’ the origin of very large earthquakes and tsunamis they can trigger. The University of Oregon’s Dr. Dean Livelybrooks will talk about how scientists are using sound and radio waves to ‘probe’ the locked zone and crust around it. We will do experiments measuring the speed of sound in different materials, leading up to the idea of an early-warning system like the one implemented for the Bay Area. Bring your iPhone or Android phone with the iSeismometer app pre-loaded so we can do group experiments.

Bio: Dean Livelybrooks received a B.Sc. in Earth and Planetary Sciences from MIT, and a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Oregon. After working in Scotland and Canada he now serves on the Physics faculty at the University of Oregon, and is actively engaged in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) outreach to schools and the public, in addition to pursuing his teaching and research interests. Livelybrooks has undertaken geophysics field work for the past thirty years in the western United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Britain, Greece, Ontario, Quebec, and offshore on research cruises as part of the Cascadia Initiative. He acquires and analyzes sound, radar and tide gauge signals, and low-frequency radio waves to better understand how the Earth bumps, grinds and gurgles as its plates move over it surface.

Where: Calapooia Brewery, 140 Hill St NE, Albany OR

When: March 11th, Trivia starts at 6:30 PM

Win a Prize!!! The CSMC will have prizes for the top five trivia competitors

Check here for a list of all upcoming CSMC Science Pubs:

Miss Massive Snowflake is a charismatic and playful band based in Portland, Oregon who enjoys playing live and has performed over 400 shows in 8 countries. The band is currently on a two year, nonstop tour going through the end of 2015. Shane de Leon was a member of experimental rock band Rollerball/Rllrbll for a decade and has collaborated with 31 Knots, Black Heart Procession, Solex, Steve McKay, Rainstick Cowbell, and OVO. With an emotive voice and compelling lyrics, de Leon is a storyteller at heart and is often compared to David Byrne (Talking Heads), Guided by Voices, Jonathon Richmond, and The Flaming Lips.

Come down to the Calapooia Pub this Friday and hear this quirky/fun act. Shane de Leon puts on a dynamic show whether he performs solo or with his band. Showtime is 8 o’clock and there’s no cover!


The Neuroscience of Pain and the Mind: how do thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes affect how we feel pain?


In this presentation we’ll explore the mind’s impact on how we feel pain. We’ll discuss how mental aspects such as thoughts, attitudes, and emotions can either increase pain or actually make it much better. We’ll also get into some brain science – HOW the heck does the brain do that? Lisa will describe what it’s like to be a neuroscience graduate student and the methods she’s using to study the impact of meditation and gratitude on pain perception.

6:30 to 8:00

Minors welcome with a parent or guardian.


Ladies and Gentlemen, one of the Willamette Valley’s best and most unique bands, XENAT-RA, returns from it’s hiatus to play at Calapooia Brewing this Saturday, April 19th at 9 o’clock. They return with at least five new songs which they are very excited to share with all of us. If you hear them here, this Saturday night, you will be hearing them first! So don’t miss out on this exciting musical thrill ride. You will be forever changed.

XENAT-RA. Calapooia Brewing Company. Saturday, April 19th. 9 o’clock.



This just in. Our Saturday performer, David Vidal has had to cancel due to a family tragedy. Swooping in to keep us entertained are the inimitable, Now Brothers. Johnny Now and his partners in crime, Marquee and the Professor will plug in their steam-punk accoutrements and ply us with their unusual takes on classic favorites. That’s April 12th at 8 o’clock. Free!



“Bluesman/singer/songwriter David Vidal has worked with such musical luminaries as Joe Walsh and Gene Clark. Jackson Browne once gave him half a chicken salad sandwich. Thank goodness for small favors. His slide guitar playing doesn’t suck. He’s had songs recorded by America, Shaun Murphy and so on. Multiple film and television usages including “My Cousin Vinny” and “Friday Night Lights”. Vidal was born in New Mexico and lives in California. He went to high school in Colorado. He rode freight trains thru Old Mexico in his youth, whilst wandering most of the North American continent. He toured Europe as the lead singer and guitarist of the eclectic New Orleans groove band Village of Odd Waters. He’s written two books, one fiction and one non-fiction. His homegrown solo recordings have made him a living rumor throughout the civilized world. He’s on the road more often than not, occasionally staying in a haunted hotel..”

Come see this “living rumor” play Calapooia Brewing Company this Saturday at 8 o’clock. All you Sunday Blues Jam fans and the players who love them would really enjoy this rare treat. As usual, it’s free.



March Science Pub, this Wednesday!

A very important and topical discussion of the state of science education, this Wednesday at 6:30 pm. This is a family friendly presentation with polite discussion opportunities. There’s food, soft drinks and beer too! Click on the link below for more info.





All Dressed Up and Good Beer To Go!

Dear Pooia Nation! This Thursday through Sunday, don’t miss Calapooia Brewing Company’s Red Carpet Sale!

Cases 0f Riverdog ESB,  Big Aft Pale, Pacific Pilsner and Kringle Krack are available for the blowout price of just $20!

That’s right! For only $20 you can procure a whole case, that’s twelve 22 ounce bottles, of ESB, Pale, Pilsner and our Winter-time seasonal, Kringle Krack! That’s February 27th through March 2nd! Get ’em while supplies last and stock up to drink up while you watch the Oscars!



Valentine’s Day Special!

Love, exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re expecting you!  Because love won’t hurt anymore. Set an open course to a friendly…pub.

Ah yes. If you’re still wondering how you’re going to dazzle your lady love with this most contrived of holiday contrivances, Calapooia’s got your back brother. We’re serving a four course dinner, while supplies last, starting at 5 pm. Our regular menu will be available as usual.

As our very special musical guest, please welcome, Willamette Valley troubadour extraordinaire, John Shipe.

Music starts at 8. Some come romance it up, or not, with us at Calapooia Brewing Company Friday night!

1st            Seafood Bisque, or for the vegetarian, Roasted Beet Bisque

2nd          Mixed Green Salad with baby spinach, roasted hazelnuts and gorgonzola with strawberry vinaigrette

Mains      Oregon raised Prime Rib of Beef served with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Sauteed Lacinato Kale

Seared Albacore Medallions with Lemon Butter Sauce over Fried Polenta and Sauteed Lacinato Kale

Pan-Fried Polenta in Porcini Mushroom Ragout and Lemon Ricotta and Sauteed Lacinato Kale

Dessert   Reese’s Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cake

Chocolate chocolate cake with chocolate


We hope to see you here. Cheers!


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