Calapooia Brewing Company continues the tradition of featuring the best in local live music every week. If you are a local band who’d like information on playing the ‘Pooia, please email us.

Here’s our upcoming schedule:

Every Sunday at 4:00:

BLUES JAM! Get out, get in and get some on ya!!




  • Thursday the 4th 7:30, Rusty Hinges
  • Friday the 5th 8:00, Low Tide Drifters
  • Saturday the 6th 8:00, Gumbo Groove
  • Thursday the 11th 7:30, Wild Hog in The Woods
  • Saturday the 13th 8:00, Laura Meyer
  • Thursday the 18th 7:30, Rough Jazz
  • Friday the 19th 8:00, Engraved Acoustic
  • Saturday the 20th 7:00, PIGS ON THE WING! Calapooia’s Ninth Anniversary and Solstice Party!
  • Sunday the 21st 2:30, “Hops & Hounds”: Meet with retired racing greyhounds on the ‘Pooia Patio.
  • Thursday the 25th 7:30, Wild Hog in The Woods
  • Saturday the 27th 8:00, Bush Pilots


  • Thursday the 2nd 7:30, Rusty Hinges
  • Friday the 3d 8:00, Cody Raymond
  • Friday the 4th, HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!
  • Thursday the 9th 8:00, Now Brothers
  • Saturday the 11th 8:00, Sick Monkey
  • Thursday the 16th 7:00, Rough Jazz
  • Friday the 17th 8:00, Holus Bolus
  • Saturday the 18th 8:00, Cascade Rye
  • Wednesday the 22nd, Corvallis Knights/Calapooia Party Bus!
  • Thursday the 23rd 7:30, Mikael Pederson
  • Friday the 31st 8:00, Miss Massive Snowflake


  • Saturday the 1st 8:00, Oregon Valley Boys
  • Saturday the 8th 8:00, The Deadbeats
  • Thursday the 13th 8:00, Now Brothers
  • Friday the 14th 9:00, Vicki Stevens and Sonny Hess
  • Saturday the 22nd 8:00, The Legal Weeds
  • Saturday the 29th 8:00, Kayla Newsome